Fernando Maldonado



My name is Fernando Maldonado, I am a 19 year old Computer Science student, but I started my programming career when I was 12. In 2018 I published my first game to the Play Store and since then I have worked in more than 10 proyects. I am currently working at Drongo technology as a front-end developer and at Osborn as a full stack developer.

My interests

live_tv TV shows
games Videogames
import_contacts Comic Books
grid_on Speed cubing


Coding Skills

Front end (Html5, CSS3, JavaScript) 90%
Mobile Development (Cordova, Flutter, Java) 75%
Desktop Development (Java, Electron) 62%
Object Oriented Programming (Java, C#, TypeScript) 80%
Data Bases (MongoDB, MySql, FireBase) 53%

Other Skills

73% Angular
76% Unity
86% JQuery
96% Materialize


  • Accurate
    With Accurate, you can solve physics and math problems, create your own formularies, make simple or complex operation with scientific calculator and even convert units! All of this in just one app!
  • Rebound
    Rebound, is an arcade game where your goal is to bounce the ball by moving the racket, just like a single player pong, the game has fun game play with a progressive dificulty, if you earn more points the ball will move faster and portals and power-ups will show up.
  • Test Maker
    With Test Maker you can easily create a test, you only need a file of question and a file of answers and we will randomize it for you!
  • Parachute
    Parachute is a small game where you have to move and control your parachute by moving it from left to right without touching the balloons and collecting coins, it may sound easy but it gets harder and harder!
  • Miyazono
    A website to watch anime, connected to AnimeFLV database

Other projects